Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Ferrymead Experience

Today we visited ferrymead historic park to study how life is transformed by technology.  The most interesting part was

1. school house

2. Mr and Mrs Grays house

3. The v hut

4. the mail building

The way that I think that the past has changed is...

1. the technolegy

2. the power

3. schools

4. the houses

5. the water

I enjoyed seeing all of the old times and how they worked and i loved the dresses that we wore and we had to follow the rules

1. don't scuff your shoes

2. ladies before gentlemen

3. children are to be seen but not heard

4. stand up strait

5. your back is not aloud to touch the back of the seat

6. children are not allowed  to start a conversation only the adults are allowed to start, for example: pass the pepper jimmy or pass the salt jimmy

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Our Whakatauki

Image result for a choppy seaHe moana pukepuke ka ekengia e te waka

A choppy sea can be navigated

what does that mean?: 

  •    A choppy sea can be navigated with persistance.
  • God is always there for you.
  • you can only get over the wall if you believe in yourself.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

book week 2017 st marks

Hi i'm Genavieve. 
This week in November it is book week, Gavin Bishop came and sign some books and read us a book called piano rock.When he was young he was the only child in his class. When the teacher said ' all the year fours stand up he was the only one that stood up.